Sunday, Jul. 06, 2014 1:22 pm

holiday weekend

I'm sitting here sweating and covered in grime. Feels good. I cleaned the gutters. I'm not a fan of being up on a ladder, but it needed to be done and I'm glad I did it. I don't like seeing WEEDS growing out of my gutters. They were completely full of dirt/decomposing leaves. A mess.

Fourth of July was fun. I picked up a friend at the airport from his long vacation and he took me to dinner and for drinks and showed me all his pictures and described the relaxing cabin he spent a lot of time in. I want to go there! It was great seeing him again after a long boring week at work without him.

I didn't see many fireworks, just a few neighborhood ones. My next-door neighbor was shooting some for his kids so I stopped and visited a minute when I got home.

Yesterday I worked on the book a lot. So frustrating though to find conflicts in facts and not know which is right and I don't want to go with one or the other either. I want to have the most definitive. Mostly I would quote whichever one I went with so people would know I didn't know. Still lots to be done. A 3-day weekend is a wonderful thing.

Well, a big orange cat just obscured half my keyboard with his butt and his tail. He's got to be uncomfortable on the pile of papers and crap I have on this desk. I think I'll go clean up and go to the store. We have no coffee or cat food. Emergency situation.

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