Friday, Apr. 24, 2020 6:43 pm

Day 38 and Mom Moves

Happy anniversary to me, I guess.

It is hot today --- like still 96 at 7 pm now. Tomorrow cooler....

Moon Pie is in the house somewhere, but where? I saw her this morning, I think, but she has vanished. I haven't opened any outside door so I think she must just be hiding well.

I'm about to go have a cocktail with Pretty Denise and Aggie Mike. My first social contact away from my house in 5 weeks? We will sit in the yard at a distance and have one cocktail and a short visit. I'm mainly going to get the boys some catnip fresh from her yard.

The day after I wrote last, on Easter Sunday, I had a bad bad fall in the side yard and cut my hand wide open, on the shovel, I think. Blood everywhere and it was laid wide open. I had to go to the ER and have it all sewn back together. I got the stitches out this week (11 - 4 inside and 7 outside). Looked Frankensteinish. Better now, but still an ugly scar and my left thumb is numb.

The President continues to say the stupidest things ever and I won't repeat them here. Suffice it to say he has not changed into a leader by the miracle of COVID.

Mom moved from nursing care back to her regular apartment today. My sister got to see her briefly at the front doors despite a really really rude ambulance driver who was berating her for no apparent reason. I talked to Mom and she doesn't remember this place at all. She knows her cedar chest and photos, but not the place or the room. Sad.

I guess today is day 38 in stay-at-home quarantine. I did go to the ER and a grocery store on Wednesday. We have to wear masks everywhere now. I don't count the days. I'm really enjoying it.

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