Saturday, Apr. 11, 2020 3:21 pm

COVID life

I'm glad I wrote when I did to give some idea of my thoughts as we were entering our stay-at-home orders.

My job was furloughed so all of that has happened and, yes, I've mostly sat on my ass and gained weight since the orders came down. But, heck, I've also finished two seasons of the Sopranos so at least I have goals.

It is very humid today, but only in the 70s. I am sitting here sweating profusely. I have been washing the floor of the patio, trying to get the puke with MOLD (gross!) off of it. When it dries I am going to vacuum the rug again and put the quilts and blankets back on the couch and get the patio back to "nice" again. I've been enjoying it a lot, but I'm just sitting on the bare couch with a pile of blankets next to me and no good place to put my coffee cup.

It is Saturday and I haven't driven anyplace in 2.5 weeks -- March 25.... I guess the last day I wrote. After we got the word we were out, I went to the CVS to get two prescriptions and I stocked up on wine, gummy bears, Fritos, Hershey's, milk, Diet Coke, and ice cream. Not really "stocked up" but I got one of each. Surprisingly, I still have the bears and chocolate (some). The wine ended this week and I will need more wine, no doubt. I might even venture forth today and get some. I have plenty of alcohol, but no wine. I also would really like Cokes again. I do have some real Coke so I may drink it today. I'm truly trying to use up EVERYTHING I can. This morning I opened a jar of pepper jelly I've had for years. I just ate it on toast and it was wonderful. I'll try PBJ with it later. I'm out of crunchy PB but I'm learning to like the smooth. I'm going to make fudge today because I can. I have all the ingredients. I will probably also make beans. I have lots of dry beans to use up before I can truly say I've got no food. But my shelves are getting pretty empty. I have lots of condiments in the fridge. And pickles. Still okay on flour tortillas so with beans what else do I need? I am out of cheese except for some American or cheddar I might have.

Anyway, nothing much getting accomplished. I am so so so grateful I live here alone and no one (Mark) is judging me. I suppose I'd be doing things very differently if he were here, but I'm glad I don't have to. I don't want to be thinking about meal prep. I went up to 3 lbs above where I had been (which was HGW25) but now I've come back down a couple. I am really not binging on anything. Nothing is that good!

Mom has been in nursing care for the 3 weeks I've been home and my sister has appealed her "release" twice to keep her in there. She is definitely improving and getting so much better. I can usually have a good conversation with her on the phone and she is answering every day when I call now. Some confusion and she still thinks she is in a "hospital" (but we're splitting hairs I guess if we say it isn't). She's very happy and likes the food and the care so I hope they can keep her a LOT longer.

I've taken all my blogs off of my other site and saved them just as text and I'm trying to get that website canceled so I can save $17 a month. I may own the domain for years to come (I don't remember how much I bought) but I don't care. I am not using it so I'll save the monthly hosting fees and maybe get me a wordpress or something different.

Moon Pie is still not part of the family and still has her litter box in the kitchen. I want to get her moved to the rest of the house and using the garage, but with her fear of the boys, I think she'd rather pee on the carpet than go that far to a litter box. Can't have that. But my house smells like pee, I know. Ick. I move it out to the porch a lot when it is a nice day and they are out there and I'm trying to sweep and mop the kitchen a lot. Ick Ick Ick.

I'm journaling all over the place right now. I have a "covid" journal with many random things in it and my regular by-the-bed diary and lots of emails and then this. I'm also TALKING to people so much right now -- on the phone, of course. It is a weird weird time. I might die from it. My friends might die from it. So far one friend (Ray) has had it and recovered, but John Prine died this week and that has been very sad for our musical community.

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