Wednesday, Apr. 29, 2020 1:30 pm

Six weeks inside

Today is 6 weeks since I saw Mom and drove home from Dallas to begin my stay-at-home quarantine.

It is a beautiful day. I have been on the porch and now in my office and the sun is shining in. I think next I'm going to go open up the garage and bring in the trash cans and clean the garage a little tiny bit. This morning I gave a lot of thought to how I want to use that storage area and I need to eye it again. And hang some pictures --- still way too many pictures in my possession.

My Friday night with my friends in their front yard was lovely. Really pleasant weather, beautiful landscaping, delicious gourmet cocktails handmade by my host. Heard from her that she had arranged my ex's mortgage with the new girlfriend. She was unhappy that she had to be in that position and thought it felt icky. I don't blame her for taking the business, of course. That was our anniversary and he did text me that evening saying he had thought of me that day (without mentioning the anniversary). I wrote back and said "What a coincidence, I was thinking of you today, too! Happy anniversary."

My hand has healed well, but the numb thumb and itching of the nerves is still driving me crazy. Sometimes it feels like a needle had just poked me. I'm sure it is all growing and healing inside and will be forgotten before long. The scar itself looks really good. Lots of peeling dead skin around it, but it has healed over.

This week seems to have lasted a long time. Every morning I wake up thinking it is Sunday. Weird.

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