2001-09-07 1:56 p.m.

Pecan returns

Wow! This has probably been the longest I've ever gone between entries. I ran into Kramer (www.astrofish.net) up at **** yesterday and he was kind enough to remind me that I hadn't written in a long while and that I was overdue! I know I am, I just feel like I'm whining too much as it is, I hate to be whining here too.

Actually, I'm doing pretty well this week and the whining is at a minimum. I'm on the radio sort of full-time now. Full-time sound, part-time work and pay. I'm on the all-nights on **** and I'm enjoying it. It is pre-recorded so there isn't the fun of having the really strange and lonely people of the world calling in. We're still working out the details so I haven't begun getting paid much for it yet. Even when I am it isn't enough to live on but it will certainly help and it will help a lot when I have some mundane job that doesn't pay much. This will be great added income.

I'm also getting added income by doing remotes and I have one at a car dealership this afternoon. It will be my second one.

I just returned from a fun trip to Amarillo, my hometown. I was treated like royalty by my cousin and her husband. I mainly went to visit with my old roommate B! who lives in Idaho now. We don't get to be in each other's towns much anymore but we can sometimes meet up in our old hometown.

I guess since I wrote last I've also taken up work at the mall! My old bosses have invested in a kiosk in the mall selling a vitamin and weight loss product. They are having me man the booth as much as I want to in order to help them out and I am making a nice little extra income there too. It is boring but not the most boring job I've ever had---hell, radio can be awfully boring sometimes. It is good people watching and I get paid whether I'm selling something or not. That's a bad attitude, I know.

I'm going to get better about writing. I need to get better about reading too. I really don't know where my day goes but I'm very busy with nothing much to show for it!

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