Wednesday, Sept. 30, 2015 9:17 am

And he's up

Last entry I was walking and trying to be healthy. Now I'm not walking, but I'm counting macronutrients. Trying to get healthy. Why is it I am not optimistic? I have had heart tests since last time. I've had chest tightness that is not fun so the doctor did an EKG and a heart scan that showed some blockage and then a stress test (which proved how terribly terribly terribly I am out of shape). Everything there was normal. But I'm fat, I don't exercise, depression and anxiety still a factor. On and on.

I read in that last entry that I wrote the letter to Anida. I can hardly remember what that frustration was over since I've had so much other frustration since then. I would say I'm "caught up" but that only means the deadline (tomorrow) isn't here yet and so I still have 36 hours or so to do 12, 13, 14 programs. Great. I did pretty good yesterday doing a bunch, but when even the "follows" take hours, it is slow going.

Mark is still asleep this morning on the porch. I finally got up and made coffee and fed the cats and got dressed, but he is still asleep so I think I'll get my coffee and go to work. No, I think I hear the door...

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