Thursday, Sept. 26, 2019 6:09 pm

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I am going to be leaving to go to Amarillo in just a little bit. I need to do my radio and get a bag packed and hit the road. I know traffic would be horrible right now anyway so a little bit of a delay might save me from sitting on MoPac for an hour. I have debated and debated whether to go tonight or tomorrow and I've finally convinced myself to go ahead and get gone. I'm staying in Comanche at Beth's, but she won't be there. That made it an easier decision because I can just get there and sleep and get up and go.

I had a wonderful day in San Antonio on Sunday. I met up with my cousin to give him a large framed photo of our mutual great-grandfather. I just do not know Robert well at all and have only met him a couple of times in our lives. He was great and his wife is adorable. His son was rather quiet and dull, but he was a cute 21-year-old boy. Maybe he has enough personality for Orange, Texas. We had a nice steak at a very cool old-fashioned place in SA. Then I went to see the musical Les Miserables at the Majestic with Di and Paul. Such a beautiful theater and what a great production. The music was outstanding, great singers, and the stages and lighting were top-notch. I could hear this a lot better than Kinky Boots (I saw it there in June), too, so that helped.

It has been hot this week, of course. Seems like fall will never get here. I went to San Marcos Tuesday night for ribs and the Ken Burns' Country Music show. We watched the episode about Sun Studios and Patsy Cline's death. So fun to watch it with Diana because she knows as much as I do about country music, but about different things. We had to keep stopping the TV to tell stuff.

Okay - I need to get the radio done. I hope I can do a few breaks for Monday, too, to speed up that process on Sunday night.

Did I say I just renewed my Gold membership here. Next month will be 20 years I've kept this diary. I used to be so fearful of anyone finding it. Now I figure it just makes no difference. If they want to dig into my past and then question me about something I wrote about them, let 'em at it. I probably wrote more about my problems with Mark than anything and it would do him GOOD to see how much he hurt me. Man, we had some awful times. Some really good ones, too, and I'm glad I'm not so bitter that I can't still enjoy the pictures and the memories.

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