2001-09-11 12:35 a.m.

Mamma in the hospital

Today I had a nice visit with Grace of the long gone graceofgrape.diaryland.com. She had a wonderful journal in its day but I suppose it won't be back until baby number two is in school. Baby number two just arrived a month ago and this was my first chance to see her. She is pretty with a malleable face and long dark hair and tiny little feet and fingers. A beautiful girl. Big brother is still a handsome young man too. Visits with Grace are always too short and often hectic with the kids but always rewarding. I leave feeling smarter. Not smarter THAN her, smart AS her.

I've been knocked down by allergy problems this week. Don't know if it comes from the exhaustion of all the traveling and visiting last week or if it is the weather changes, but I'm thick-headed (more than usual) and thick-throated too.

My grandmother is in the hospital tonight. It has been a long day with a visit up there to the hospital and attempts to keep all parties informed. I had intended to drive to Round Rock to see her today anyway so the trip was planned for (in a way) but the call this morning caused me to do things in a different order than I had anticipated. I'm keeping tomorrow wide open for changes, knowing I may be called upon to go get her and take her back to her nursing home.

Still not a lot going on in my life so I'll close before I whine...

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