Tuesday, Sept. 04, 2018 8:24 am

Tyler Trip

I have a few minutes before I go to PT for my Achilles tendonitis so I will update a bit.

I went to Tyler for the Labor Day weekend to see the soon-to-be-former in-laws. It was a lovely trip, really. I was afraid of awkwardness, and sure there was some, but I think a lot of the awkwardness was the dynamic between Mark and them and me more than just them and me. That, and she is now on antidepressants since she has been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's disease and so she was not bitter or angry like she has been on lots of visits. That was all good.

The big shocker of the weekend (though somehow I think I was aware it was going to happen?) was that I am going to be in their wills. They haven't done it yet and things change so I'm not going to think about it or plan for it, but they want me to split Mark's third. They likely will use up all their money, though, since he is pretty darn healthy and she is going to need lots of care. But she says she bought a long-term health policy for herself and he has VA so maybe not. Again -- I'm NOT going to think about it.

The drive up seemed to take a long time, but I think that is always the case when it is an unfamiliar route and you don't know how much further it is. Coming home went fast and wasn't difficult at all except that it was after dark for a lot of it and it is two-lane highways and that makes it hard to see.

It rained yesterday and I was glad I was home to experience it. I did 3 hours of work yesterday and wrote my thank yous. What else? Precious little, I guess. Sat on the porch a lot in the morning. Last night I finished up Fargo (the first season of the TV show) and that was great.

I read a lot about this heel problem last night and it bummed me out a bit. I need better nutrition, that is a fact. I eat such crap. I will try to do better. It did feel a bit better as I walked through the house this morning so that was a surprise. I did absolutely NO exercise with it this weekend.

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