2001-10-21 5:57 p.m.

Worn out

I am just a zombie most of the time these days it seems. It even got me a speeding ticket Friday in a school zone. I almost ran a red light one morning. I know I'm not as attentive a driver as I was and should be. It's frightening.

This weekend we went to Dallas for Mark to play a gig and for me to see my family. It was a fun time, but exhausting. I left the gig right after midnight and slept hard until morning and still slept all the way home and I think I'll be going to bed tonight as soon as Mark leaves for tonight's gig.

Is this pathetic or what? I hate for my whole existence to revolve around my sleep schedule.

I had a full day at work Friday and was rather snappish to many folks. I had to tell the morning team to get lost so I could get my work done without them looking over my shoulder and then I had to curse at the station music director when all the work I'd done apparently hadn't needed to be done. Everyone was kicking my cat on Friday. I home tomorrow is a better day.

One task I really must commit myself to in this next day or so it ordering the online course on becoming a medical transcriptionist. I keep pondering it and considering it and daydreaming about when I get it done, but none of it is going to happen unless I begin it.

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