2001-10-01 11:47 a.m.


Another beautiful morning, sunshine and cool breezes. One very nice thing about the new job is that I am through in the morning and the rest of the day is mine. Today, it is mine for napping.

Mom and Dad have been here since Friday evening. They left this morning before I got home from work. We had a good visit. I thought we'd only do dull things (that we truly enjoy!) but we did some fun things too. We went to Jovita's on Friday night and saw the Leroi Brothers and my friend Perfect C joined us for the meal. I thought we were seeing Shelly King because that is what the sign said when I drove home from work. Shelly must have been the night before and I didn't notice that the sign had changed. I'm glad to see the Leroi Brothers because I'd heard of them for years.

Saturday I did a remote at a car dealership and worked in the afternoon but Saturday night we went to the Broken Spoke to see the Cornell Hurd Band. That was fun. Mom said, "This isn't what I expected, but, knowing you, this is what I should have expected." I have a reputation for liking the dives, the greasy spoons, the less than posh places. I love the Spoke. We didn't dance but we did lots of people watching and music enjoying.

I had a good night of sleep Saturday night, my first night to really catch up, but Sunday afternoon I was really dragging. I slept a hard two hours and still went to bed early. I guess I'll be catching up every weekend from the week of getting up early.

We visited my grandmother over the weekend too. Tomorrow is her birthday. She didn't seem to remember that Mother and Dad had visted her two days before, so her mind was slipping a little more than it had been. It was a very boring visit. We just couldn't come up with things to talk about.

My aunt came over for dinner after my nap, during the Cowboy debacle. That, too, was very boring. She used to be my favorite aunt but she is incredibly weird now. I am glad she lives on the north side of town so we aren't around each other much. She repeated stories I've heard, talked about how badly her grandson-in-law was treating her granddaughter (a pattern in their family---not the treating bad, but the perception that they are being treated badly), talked about people from her and Dad's high school days. I was glad to see her go so I could enjoy my parents a while longer.

Mark is on his way home today but won't be in until I'm in bed tonight. I am glad to have the day alone and really glad that he'll be back tonight. Yes, I'll probably be bitching about him again tomorrow, but I've missed him a lot this week.

I'm doing much better on the new job. Today went fine. My boss doesn't have me down for a paycheck yet and Friday's paycheck wouldn't buy me two CDs at Waterloo so I hope I got that corrected today. I don't dare count up how much I believe I'll be getting on the 15th because I'm afraid something will screw it up and I'll get shorted again, but I should get three weeks salary and lots of talent fees for remotes and the all-night shows that I record. I really need it to come through.

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