2001-11-04 9:39 p.m.

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I probably should have updated Friday while I was so mad and so frustrated so you could have had the full emotional imipact of my rage. I've calmed since.

Aggravation began last Thursday night. I had done the news and participated in the morning show on Thursday morning because of the death of our newswoman's mother. Thursday night I went up to work to do a lot of work ahead of time so Friday would not be quite as chaotic as it could be. It's my worst day anyway and I wanted to make it a little easier. While I was up there I went ahead and did a lot of the show preparation I usually do at 4:30 in the morning. Since Craig would be producing again on Friday morning I called him to let him know that I had done these things and he wouldn't need to get to work early, 5 o'clock would be fine. But Craig tells me that he had been told he wouldn't be needed, that I was back to producing for Friday morning and a local TV newswoman that got fired last month would be in to do the news. I was mad. I was mad that I wasn't going to get to do the morning show again but mostly I was mad that no one had told me that I had been replaced. The communication in this communication business is dismal.

Friday morning was terrible. The team did little to help the newswoman to do what she needed to do so I was doing double duty helping her and doing my job. And I was irritated at her because she had NO news ethics whatsoever. She merrily read THE NEWSPAPER word for word as her newscast. That is plagiarism in the highest order and any newsperson should know better. And there is no excuse for it when we have the AP wire available to us and it has been paid for. The morning was mostly bad because there were audio problems and we couldn't find the source and the engineer said it wasn't ON the air it was just that way in our studio. We continued into the morning with terrible audio in our headphones but thought it was only in our studio. Then the psychotic boss calls in a blue fury yelling about the way we sound. He arrives and the engineer arrives and they narrow the problem down to ME. Yes, I had hooked up the mini-disc recorded slightly wrong and it was making everything go haywire. That did nothing to make me look like the experienced radio pro I claim to be.

Later there was another on-air error that was mostly my fault and I was descended upon for that too. It was not a good morning.

Friday I had to go throw myself on the mercy of the city courts. I had a speeding ticket a couple of weeks ago. Thursday night, Nov. 1, I pulled out the ticket to check what I needed to do and I see that my court appearance date was October 31. Yikes! I went in to beg forgiveness but it was no big deal to them. They took my money and now I must take defensive driving to dismiss it. I don't want to put that off until the last minute. I don't want a shock like I had Thursday night again.

Friday I ventured out with my old friend Jill that moved here from Dallas and we went to an arts fair at a Presbyterian Church in the ritzy part of town. Fun but we were pressed for time because of my long morning and her deadline of picking up kids.

Yesterday my sister came down from Dallas as Mark went up to Dallas to play a gig. She's been down on her husband and her life and needed a break. I let her unload for the weekend and I don't know that it did enough good. She was still pretty down as she headed home today.

Today we went to an artisan's faire at the "witches' store" (as I call it). It is a very cool store with neat things--including things witches need. I've never dabbled in witchcraft at all but my sister said she had! That was quite a surprise to me. She's always been the straight-laced, holy roller of the family (including my parents). But she said once she tried some sort of magical spell to get a man interested in her. She said he was dating someone else and had not shown interest in her but she was performing this magic and he called out of the blue! He called and asked to come and take her for a drive. He did and they drove and talked and that was the one and only time he ever called her. She said it spooked her so bad she would never do it again. Heck, if it worked that well I'd be casting spells every day.

At the faire they had several tarot card readers. We both had our tarot cards read and it was very fascinating--especially the contrasts between our cards and reading.

My sister's revolved around family and children and how she needed to establish a home based busines, maybe in arts and crafts, and she needed to believe that she was creative and worthy.

Mine was about career. It very clearly showed that I am stymied at work because I can't do things the way I want to do them and that I am very smart and very talented (and modest!!). The downturn I'm going through is stricty related to the wheel of fortune, the times, and isn't through any fault of my own. It showed I needed to have lots of patience and wait for the wheel to turn again. It also showed that I would not want for money through all of this, which, so far, has been true, I must say. She also said I needed to stay in the career I am in because it is the one I am best at and that my time will come again. She also said that there would be a man at work that would help make the job be the way I want it to be. She also said I needed to seek out a female mentor to learn more and I need to be a teacher to others and said that I was already teaching others--which I have done with the interns at work.

All of it was fascinating and encouraging. Her website is www.angelfire.com/mi2/coffeetalk if you want a reading from her. I've never really had a tarot card reading before so I can't say whether she was "good" or not but I liked what she had to say and I liked her price a lot. Check it out.

My sweet husband is in my good graces for a while. He went to Dallas yesterday and I told him if he wanted to go by the outlet stores in Hillsboro and buy me some shirts that I'd love it and I'd pay for them. He has MUCH better taste in clothes than I do and enjoys shopping which I DO NOT. Bless his sweet heart, he brought me home ten tops and a great flannel nightgown. He truly got as much enjoyment out of it all as I did too. I'm excited to have clothes to wear to work. It is such a dilemma at this time of year when it is chilly in the morning, hot in the studio (or miserably cold--I never know what to expect), hot outside when I get through with work but I feel silly in a summertime sleeveless shirt. He got me great light shirts in fall colors and they all go with jeans. I am set!

Tonight I've bought groceries and cleaned up some things made Special K cookies. I'm fading fast and need to go to bed but I will finish out the World Series.

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