Tuesday, Nov. 04, 2014 10:18 am

Flaco is Gone

We need a little update, right this very minute... I've been working on Christmas music far too long this season. Now we'll start hearing it in the stores and on TV, but I've been listening to it since July.

Day of the Dead was wonderful this year. I had a nice altar up for 3 lovely women who died this year: Machelle, Dorothy, and Connie. It was really pretty until a cat managed to get up to it on Sunday. I put up one for the cats separately with Nathan Jr. and Sweet Flaco.

I guess that is the biggest thing since I wrote last. About a week later, on Friday, little Flaco threw up in the morning. Not that unusual at all. But that afternoon he was distant and keeping to himself and wasn't interested in food and then Mark noticed he was limping and not using one of his back legs. He took him to the emergency after hours clinic.

I joined them when I got off work and Mark had to go on to a gig. It was nothing but bad news. Poor baby had an enlarged heart that caused a blood clot to form and lodge in the arteries leading to the back legs. It can paralyze and it creates a lot of pain. If treated with blood thinners, etc., they might live six more months. Very very grim news. Of course, I wasn't going to make the decision alone and go through ANYTHING without Mark being there, so I took Flaco on home that night. They gave him pain medications and gave us more to take home. He was not feeling good at all, poor baby.

Flaco was in bed with us overnight, but he did get up and go to the front window at some point. In the morning he was breathing with bubbling lungs and he wasn't cleaning himself or even going to the litter box. He was miserable and just lost his spark. It was cold and rainy, just like the October day 5 years ago. I had called the vet the night before so they were expecting us and they were, again, so sweet. They let us sweep in and go straight to a room and they let us weep over our sweet boy a long time.

So now Flaco's ashes are home in a pretty little wooden box with his name on it. It was on the Day of the Dead altar for the kittens and we'll have to find it a place of honor now that Day of the Dead is over. Bless his sweet little soul. Mark is just devastated. I guess I'm medicated enough that I am not crying anymore. He is crying a lot. I think he'll be finding us a new kitten soon.

Fast forward to today. I am at work and the big bosses are here and there are frustrations with various things. TP is out of town so the days are longer and more boring. It is also Election Day and I know I am going to be depressed and drinking tonight.

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