2001-11-27 8:02 p.m.

Cold weather

The week is going better than I anticipated. Not particularly great but not horrible (how's that for a happy job?). The boss came in Monday and apologized for snapping at me during the remote Saturday so that helped smooth things a bit between us. He asked me to do a lot of extra work through Christmas, which would mean extra money, but I checked with the OTHER boss (too many chiefs here) and he thinks I would be too worn out to do both jobs at the same time. He's right, I would, but I'd like to be on the air live more and that's what this would be. I'll let them duke it out and see what I get and I want it in writing this time.

Our marriage is not really suffering because of this job but I know it is hard on me and it is hard on Mark to not have the time together we used to. Mark goes out after I've gone to bed because he doesn't want to make noise at home and bother me. Sunday night I decided I'd just stay up a little later and watch TV with him and not worry about how it would affect me Monday morning. But, boy, did it affect me. I was dead on my feet through the morning show and had that eerie, buzzy, not-quite-in-my-skin feel all morning. I had to do two more shows when I got through with the morning show. I did them as quickly and as ably as I could and then I beat it for home. Nice thing was, Mark was still asleep so I got to wake up with him for a change.

I slept through most of the day and still didn't feel like I caught up. Again, I hate for sleep to rule my life but there really isn't a choice.

It does look like I will be able to be with the family for Christmas. Both Christmas Day and Christmas Eve are holidays for the company and since my morning team won't be working, I won't be working either. That is a nice plus about this job, I guess.

I made the kitty a catnip toy this evening because he's had cabin fever, being inside because of the cold weather. He has been high ever since. He is so funny to watch rolling around sniffing on the catnip.

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