2001-11-25 10:17 p.m.

Long weekend recap

This has been a long weekend. Thanksgiving seems like a long time ago. It was a good one. We had dinner at the acupuncturists and enjoyed being with her and her family and friends. It was a houseful. I met a new friend there that might be a good movie-going companion one of these days.

I am fearful of going to work tomorrow. I think I am digging a hole with my boss on one of the stations. Last week we got into an altercation because he DIDN'T schedule me on Thanksgiving like I had been told. If I had known I was going to be off for the day I would have gone to Dallas to be with family or had them come here. Suddenly, all plans change and he can't even say he's sorry. I called the bigger boss Wednesday night to tell him about that and I did get some sympathy from him.

That was strike two with the boss, strike one had already been when I had the run in with the saleswoman over going to the hockey game the weekend before.

Then, to make matters worse, when I was on the air live Saturday afternoon, the boss was doing a remote. He went long on the remote, more than his sixty seconds and the next commercial fired automatically and cut him off. It was my fault to not have it set to not go off but I didn't expect him to go so long either. He called and he was hot I could tell. So tomorrow is a crapshoot on how he'll treat me. I believe I will lie low and avoid him. I hate avoiding the boss. I hate being in fear for my job.

The better part of the weekend was having an overnight guest. Mark went to Houston for two nights so my friend Perfect C from Blanco came in and spent Friday night with me. We ate dinner at Little Mexico and then saw that the Gourds were playing at Jovita's. That was fun! I hadn't seen them live and hadn't heard much of their music but now I want their CD. They reminded me of the Byrds with some disciplined Grateful Dead thrown in.

Saturday C and I ran all over town to cool stores like the 3 of Cups on South First, Crystal Works on Lamar, Oat Willie's, Toy Joy, Things Celtic and Wildflower (for their flood sales) and we had lunch at the Shoal Creek Saloon. I really got a good C fix in before she goes back to California tomorrow. She is considering it home more and more, I'm afraid and I don't expect her to live close by one of these days. I'd better enjoy her while I can.

Today has been a wonderful day of being mostly alone and having no obligations. I drank coffee and read the paper, did laundry and cleaned the bedroom and kitchen. I watched some of the bullriding championships on TV and was amused at the commentators descriptions of the bulls and their "athleticism." Sure, the bull has worked out and prepared for this competition. Mark came in and then left again for a gig. He should be home by now but more and more he is opting to go out at night since I am asleep at home. I don't care much for that option.

I am available for jury duty this week but didn't get called tonight for any tomorrow. I have been on juries and enjoyed serving when I was on juries but I really don't want to be on this week. I know I would still have to do so much of my work that I would be worn out--more than usual.

Mark just called and is on his way home, not out. I'm glad about that.

This week I am going to be positive and keep a smile on my face and enjoy my job and do my best and be friendly to co-workers and bosses and try to stay rested and non-stressed.

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