2001-11-19 10:00 p.m.

Kramer encounter

I learned something today. Mexicans don't care about their cats. Stopped by Fiesta to get milk and coffee and thought I'd get cat food too but they didn't have the GOOD stuff. They had a brand called Alley Cat with the slogan "As good as it needs to be." Sort of like El Arroyo's "where quality is just a slogan."

For two years I've been reading Kramer's online journal (www.astrofish.net) and seeing that we always eat at the same places and circulate in the same areas, yet never run into one another. Finally, tonight, we were at the same place at the same time. I met Mark at Threadgill's for some turkey and dressing (I couldn't wait until Thursday) and Kramer was there with a client. When he finished with her he came and sat with us and regaled us with stories while we ate. It was really fun. I'm glad Mark finally got to meet him and vice versa.

Kramer said nice things and made me feel good about myself and my talents. Why can't bosses and co-workers do more of that? I am a pretty self-aware person and I have known myself well enough for a long time to know that I thrive on praise and support more than salary and responsibility. When I was hired in this last job I told my boss that I needed that and he was always available with a sincere compliment when I needed one. I wish I could say the same of the current bunch.

I did a remote in Elgin tonight and it went very well. The saleswoman that was there for it is one of my favorites and I know she likes me. I talked about my sleep deprivation and told her I had had an altercation with the other saleswoman and I knew I could blame some of it on sleep deprivation. She was eager to hear all of the details but I didn't tell her what happened. I have a feeling that the other saleswoman is already disliked and this might even work in my favor. I don't mean to be manipulative (okay I do) but I don't want me to look like a bitch prima dona that won't help a salesperson or pitch in to help the station.

The cold front blew in today and I like this weather. I wish I could stay up for a while and light the fire and the candles and enjoy the serenity for a bit. Too little time to be still these days and I require so much.

BTW, I know the link to send mail to me doesn't work on this page. I even tried changing the address in case aol addresses didn't work well. That didn't solve the problem. I'll look into the html sometime when I have more time, but should you want to write, the address is estoynueces@aol.com

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