2001-11-18 8:14 p.m.

Sleep deprived

I know most of my problems with bitchiness and crankiness can be attributed to sleep deprivation, but there is some part of it that is related to dealing with frustrating, uncooperative people. Yesterday I had the pleasure of a knock-down blow-out with an inept, incompetant sales person. I won't even get into it because I'm trying to get relaxed to go to bed.

One of our friends spent Thursday night, the night of the storm, on her roof and lost everything she had in the house and lost her car too. Stories like that make me feel guilty for bitching about missing a nap.

Today was a very nice Sunday. Krispy Kremes for breakfast (gag, they are so sugary and so addictive) and then out to the Nutty Brown again for lunch. Hmmm, wonder why I'm battling my weight again? A bit of wandering through the Hill Country looking at stream beds and seeing the cedars pulled up by their roots and washed downstream.

I went to the Texas Book Festival yesterday. I never even made it into the Capitol for any lectures, I just went through the tents and found plenty of fun things there. Got a great book called "Growing Up Sullen Baptist." I can relate to so much of it. I thought I'd probably go back to the book festival today but decided I'd had enough. One of my Dallas friends was speaking and reading and signing books today though and I would have loved to have surprised her.

This is going to be a hard week and I'm trying to not have my mind in a bad place as we get started. I have SO MUCH to be thankful for with Thanksgiving this week, starting with having a job at all, so I need to focus on the positive. Typically, that is the way I do things, I'm always the optimist, always see the best in people, always know that things will work out. But throw in that sleep deprivation and optimism goes out the window.

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