2001-11-16 9:21 p.m.

Stressed out

I've had two glasses (okay, three) of wine tonight, sat on the patio and fed my dogs tortilla chips until they were thirsty, taken a really long, really hot bath and I upped the ante with bath salts and Calgon and essential oils of bergamot, chamomile and lavender and I've eaten a baked, a long-baked, sweet potato doused liberally with brown sugar, butter and cinnamon. I am in a better frame of mind now.

This had been a hard day and hard week. Harder for the employees laid off from my company this week, but hard nonetheless. Tuesday we heard that the morning sports guy was let go and we were all incredibly bummed by the capriciousness, the superior attitude of corporate and the sheer ineptness of management to let him go. I had no idea what was in store for the afternoon. I came in Wednesday to find that the midday girl, the night guy, two engineers and a promotions person were also gone. Everyone has been bummed, everyone is on edge.

I love Fridays because they herald the weekend (a concept I couldn't understand for much of my life because I enjoyed the work so much) but I hate Fridays because of the work load I take on on Fridays. Today, no exception. I was at the office way after noon and had the folks that rarely see me saying "What are you doing here?" Mainly, keeping my job! How about you?

I fought with the benefits people all week and all day and the ineptness and stupidity of corporate America continued to amaze me. I finally got to the point that I had done all I could do and hope that they fulfill their next step when I left for the day.

I had to get some cash so I stopped at a bank's ATM and it was by a Dollar General. I realize that even in these tough economic times, your top employees are not going to be the clerks at Dollar General, but . . . I went in on a whim and bought just some bath salts and a big can of Folger's. I don't trust a jar of olives for a dollar, or a bag of candy for a dollar, but with the name Folger's and it is in a can, I figured it was trustworthy (and, yes, not a dollar, but six). I stood in line behind a woman making a RETURN at the Dollar General! Now, I realize I'm not suffering financially, but who makes a RETURN to the Dollar General? Forms had to be filled out, the manager and her key had to be summoned, finally the woman was through with her return. NOW, she wanted to by two pairs of Christmas earrings at a dollar each. Finally, she is through with her transaction and she moves on. I move up. The purchases are rung up and I knew in my head that it would total less than ten dollars. The clerk said $11.41. Hmmmmm, I hate to argue, but two bucks is two bucks and I looked at her computer monitor and I saw that there were two pairs of dollar Christmas earrings on my ticket. I pointed out the error. She was unnerved. She called a manager. The manager couldn't see the problem. The problem, I said, is that I didn't buy any earrings, my total is $9 plus tax. Oh, she said to the clerk, the easier thing to do would be to write a return. Okay, the clerk says and begins the process. She turns to me, What is your phone number? I said, I am not making a return, you don't need to have my phone number. Yes, she said, I need your number. I said, No, put in your own phone number or make one up, I'm not making a return. Well, that's the way we. . . It's not the way that I . . . so I said, forget it and I left my coffee and bath salts behind. In this day and time there aren't many times you can walk away from stupidity so I was glad I could today.

I went from there to a florist and told her I needed fresh flowers to lift my spirits and if she couldn't do it fast I was going to the liquor store next door. She wrapped two beautiful stargazer lilies plenty fast enough (and, of course, I knew I had wine at home).

I was supposed to meet friends for drinks tonight and I drove all the way to the other side of the world and could NOT find a parking place where we were to meet. I, again, got fed up and left. I will no longer drink north of 12th street.

I hope I don't forget in the morning that the book festival is going on. It is my favorite weekend of the year but with my different schedule and work tomorrow afternoon I hope I don't forget. I hope it isn't cold and rainy too.

Yes, we almost got blown away yesterday and we had over 8 inches of rain, but my arm is cramping and the essential oils for relaxation and stress relief are doing their job and I'm going to go to bed.

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