2001-05-09 Wednesday 1:41 p.m.

Continued cranky

I just re-read Monday's entry to see where I was last. To continue the story... I wanted to go up to Ego's just to be doing something and to get out of the house but I irritate myself so by not being independent and doing something like that. I continued my prowling the house and eventually got ready for bed and crawled off with a book...just as Mark finished his work in the shop and came in and thought he might go to Ego's. It irritates me when I don't go, it irritates me when he wants to go...I think I'm just in a state of constant irritation and there is little that anyone does that irritates or that they can do that WON'T irritate. I wasn't about to say, you go on..., so I jumped up, re-dressed and we went to Ego's for a while. It wasn't much fun, only a few friends there. I realized on the way that I had also just taken two Tylenol PM so I drank beer on top of sleeping aids and I was quite dopey by the time I came home and crashed.

Yesterday we had a meeting at work that was supposed to lift spirits and give direction in our future endeavor (at least that was what I hoped). It failed miserably and left us with the impression that we're all pretty much screwed as far as a lot of jobs are concerned in Austin. I salved my soul with Mexican food at Jovita's with Mark.

Dropped into Creatures Boutique on South First and got some great slippers for the moms for Mother's Day. Cool little store, it's new. Hope it makes it. Go buy! Go buy!

Worked and worked last night in order to get a lot done to be able to go to Tyler tomorrow and to be completely through before Abbycat and I meet this evening for writing. Still lots to do but I think I can get in early and finish this afternoon.

I had lunch at Polvos on South First today with a girl I met last summer that resurfaced last week. An interesting odd hippie chick from my creativity class last year. I really admire her creativity and her spirit and her braveness (she experiments with performance art, free form dancing and she sings) but we don't have a lot in common. Fun to sit outside and eat migas and enjoy the Austin day.

My next assignment on this beautiful day is to send off some Mother's Day cards and gifts and graduation cards and checks and take care of those little details of life's celebrations.

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