2001-05-06 7:25 p.m.

Journalers Group

I will get this entry down before Mark gets home so that I will have crossed at least one item off of my To Do list for today.

I came home from the Austin Journalers get-together quite scattered and trying to figure out what I could accomplish tonight. I thought I would come in and immediately make a list of all that I felt like I needed to do and narrow it down to something important. I haven't gotten as far as that list even yet.

I'm more than a little perturbed to not be able to find any of my word processing documents that should be on the computer. It appears as if the entire file that they were in is gone. There is a shortcut to the file and it doesn't find the file and I can't find more than 8 .wpd docs in the whole computer. Frightening. I had pulled the text from this diary and had it in there. I'm sure my resume was in there. Those are replaceable. I am sure there are many other things missing but maybe if I don't try to remember them I'll never need them. Many many documents that I have written relating to my work were there, but now that the job is going down the tube I guess that won't be something that has to be re-created.

I will just use this as a lesson to save things to disc as well as to hard drive.

My aunt had called while I was out, having just heard the word about the job from my grandmother. I called and let her talk my ear off for a while. I warned her ahead of time that if I heard the phrase "Where one door closes another opens..." or any variation upon that theme again I was going to punch the deliverer of such cliches.

As for the journalers group today, I think this was one of our best meetings ever. The Magnolia was packed to the hilt when we got there so we ended up at a table in the front and the waitress was frazzled and the kitchen was screwing up orders and it was an "un-Magnolia" kind of day. But the group was a lot of fun. There for the first time was GriffJon or just Jon. He fully cops to the fact that he is a nrrd and since I couldn't understand quite a bit of his conversation I believed him. He and Waterlily had been UT classmates and had lots in common.

Another there for the first time was Kramer . I really enjoyed meeting Kramer for the first time after reading him long before I moved to Austin. I remember printing his list of Austin places he recommended and making a concerted effort to try them as I moved here. I have to say that Kramer was the first online journaler that I have met that was more "him" in person than online. Most of the journalers are fun and interesting and likeable in person, but it is a different person than the one I've come to know in their journals. Many are more talkative and outgoing in their journals than they are in person. I had had some trepidation about meeting Kramer and him not living up to my image but he is truly an original and a hoot. (how West Texas is that, K? a hoot. They don't say that in Dallas)

Also at the gathering today was Jette, who I will not link to because I haven't quite figured out where her journal is now. I read it but I don't know how I get there. Her new short hair gave her a whole new look and it was good. Abbycat was there and we firmed up our plans to write on Wednesday night. (deep breaths, Pecan, it will be okay. Why I have anxiety about anything I have no clue. No need! Maybe I need to take up yoga. Or smoking. . .something) And, the daddy-o of Austin journaling, Greg led things today and was fun to be around, as usual. Good group this time. Hope they are all there next month plus a few of the missing ones.

Tonight there is a benefit for Matt Powell at Ego's to help him get money for his guitars and amps. He had his stolen in front of his house a while back. I've been to lots of parties at that house (he lives with Mark's bass player and the drummer for Dale Watson and another guitar player---typical Austin home) and I wouldn't leave my dirty socks on that porch for fear of them being stolen. There are many nice homes in the neighborhood but it is very near run-down apartments and a seedy bunch of people. I expect I'll go up there for a while to support him and there should be lots of fun people on hand. The music will be a cluster with too many people jockeying to be the star, but I'll go for a while.

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