2001-05-05 4:00 p.m.


Happy Cinco de Mayo y Mustard!

What a week. I'm not much closer to coming to grips with joblessness than I was on Tuesday after the meeting. Went drinking with the gang after work yesterday and it was fun to hear stories of other firings and layoffs from those who have gone through this before. Tuesday we will have a meeting which will help us get details on other opportunities within the company, continuing what we do on a free-lance basis in some way or another and how we can all make airchecks.

I am such a dinosaur in radio. I asked my boss plaintively if PDs now expect to get an aircheck on CD instead of tape and he said he preferred MP3. Augh! I'd never even thought about MP3 as a possible format. It makes sense and does seem easier that I could e-mail it in a flash and not have to worry about making copies and finding envelopes, writing cover letters and going to the P.O. Maybe the new ways will make it a little easier.

The gang went to the Aquarium as usual and then some of us went down the street to Casino de Camino (or is it Camino de Casino?) and had a great hamburger and a beer. And added another bar to my 42 bar year. I've lost track. I need to go back and count. I think I'm at least to 16 or so. I added Gruene Hall and Saxon Pub to the list last week.

After the great hamburger I dropped back by work and commisserated with a few part-timers then on to Ego's. Not as much fun as I would have liked it to be. Lots of weirdness and drama impeding the fun. The B that I still do not like was supposed to be there. I was relieved she wasn't there and was enjoying myself until I hear that she is drunk in the bathroom with friends assisting. For some reason or another, Mark also felt he needed to assist and help her get out of the bar to be taken home. For a minute I thought he might be ready to announce that HE was going to take her, or, heavens, ask me to take her. I think I would have had to have made a scene if something like that occurred. Fortunately, it didn't. I never even saw her as she was helped out.

There was more weirdness in the night when a girl I had seen dancing and appearing quite sober was being picked up and carried from the bar completely passed out. I was not in a straight enough frame of mind to put it all together that this was not normal. Apparently, she had been drugged by her two male companions who were the ones attempting to carry her out. The bar manager called an ambulance and police showed up too and the two men broke and ran. One was caught and I don't know any more story than that, but it was weird.

It is raining this afternoon and it is very pleasant and I think I may have to go take a nap. The band has gone to San Antonio to play an in-store at a couple of Border's so I have the house to myself.

I have a deep desire to do some "space clearing" to move the energy in this house and get me ready for new opportunities. I attempted some of this clearing in the garage this afternoon and I did through away a bunch of old files of garden information that I don't need. It might have served a purpose a few years ago but I know that now if I want to know about propagating a lantana I will most likely go to the internet so I don't need a hard copy article about it in my files. On the other hand, I found stories and articles I've written, some rough copies, others the published versions, and it was a surprise to see how much there was. I can't throw those out but I need to do something better with them.

I have a feeling of being bummed and I don't want to feel this way. It is not greatly bummed, but just low. I'm looking forward to the Austin Journalers get-together tomorrow to lift my spirits. I hope Jette and Michelle will make it despite the allergies. I want to ask Michelle about opportunities in teaching. Abbycat and I are going to do some writing together Wednesday so I'm looking forward to seeing him tomorrow to firm up those plans. Greg, Jonathan, Lilypad (with her own bummed-ness for this week) might all be there. Hope Puppy and Rene will make it but haven't heard a word from them. And I'm especially looking forward to Kramer and hope he is there. Weird to know someone as well as I feel like I know him and to have never met. I've been reading his forecasts and journal for almost three years now. Hope we have a good group and it is a pleasant, perfect Austin Sunday afternoon.

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