Saturday, May. 30, 2015 11:13 pm

Back at it as the rain falls

As I've said many times, I need to type here more often. I tried the site a few days, but really this site is all I need to ramble on a bit. I don't need to pay for their site (since I truly pay for this one already).

We are in the midst of floods. I have never been in Texas where the whole state is truly flooding. It is almost all anyone talks about. It is great that the lakes are filling up and being rejuvenated, but meanwhile people are losing their lives and their homes and the water just keeps coming down. We only had a little bit of rain today, but more is predicted for tomorrow. It is the wettest month on record. I don't even know how much it has rained, but I would say we have had less than 5 days where it didn't rain in Austin in May.

Mark is in San Antonio tonight with the band. I would have gone down, but Beth! came over and we talked and then I made her watch the movie Bernie. It is such a favorite and I think all Texans need to see it. She was super tired and I'm glad she came over.

Otherwise today I cleaned our bathroom really really good. Lots of scrubbing and wiping. I still need to vacuum the whole house. I always put that off. I've got some painting I want to do tomorrow, too.

I spilled wine in the computer on Thursday night and took it to "the guy" on Friday and didn't hear back from him today so I guess that means another day I can't do the radio show on Monday. I hate that. Not that I want to do it, but I am being paid for it and feel bad when I can't do it.

Tomorrow I will do some more skill saw work on the boards I have on my desk to keep things from falling down the back. I will also pain the step stool that I converted from my radio foot rest to a desktop computer holder. It keeps my computer up at a higher eye level so I don't hurt my neck as much. And the fuller keyboard is down where I can reach it easy. I poured most of the wine into it, but it doesn't seem any worse for that. Maybe a little sticky, but tolerable. And replaceable if it runs into a problem.

I think I will go on to bed. I'll try to write some more here. I do think it is a good mediation and a help to be able to get things off of my chest. I don't know who else ever stumbles upon it. I really hope no one, but I guess I shouldn't care.

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