2001-05-30 11:37 p.m.


Not a lot to add to the events of the week. Mark is in Atlanta tonight and I spent most of the day at the desk and the computer paying bills and sorting through paper and thinking about jobs that might pay some big bucks. I ordered my transcripts from college so that I can apply at ACC to teach and looked at some of the Sunday ads for "real" employees.

Tonight I worked and the air conditioning system was not functioning well and it got unbearably hot so I gave up and came home. I would have liked to have had another hour to get things done but it was making my mind too foggy.

Interesting conversation with a co-worker about working at another station here in town. Their program director may be giving me a call soon. I won't be jumping ship on the first station until I give it a good go, but I was a little disappointed in it today. I was hired by the bigger boss while the regular boss was out of town. Today I called the regular boss to introduce myself and see if I could come in and meet him since he will be the one I"m working with most often. He hasn't returned my call. I think that is a bad sign. We'll see.

I've been suffering from a terrible ailment called plantar fasciitis which is excruciatingly painful in the heel. I have begun taking some medicine for it and I believe this medicine is giving me the sensation of having ants crawling on me (not everywhere all the time, just here and there). Today at work I commented to someone that I knew there was a name for feeling like there are ants crawling on you. Before he could respond, my boss's boss, around the corner, down the hall and in his office shouted my name. I said, "Yes, Bill?" and he shouted, "Psycho, the word is psycho." So I guess I am a little psycho today with ants crawling on me.

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