2001-05-25 12:03 p.m.

Employment, sweet employment

Friday already? Where has this week gone?

Good news first (and no bad news to follow, no need to worry): I am partially employed past June. I did get the job with not one, but two, local radio stations that are not owned by my current company. I met with the operations manager Wednesday morning and filled out all the paperwork so now I am officially on the payroll. The so-called "pay" is a joke and I seriously could make more working at Dairy Queen, especially since the DQ has longer shifts, but I hope this opens a door to full-time and benefits quickly. Beautiful facility, very very cool people and I felt at home because a current co-worker just hired on there as the morning man on the alternative rock station and an old co-worker is middays on one of the ones I'll be with and I know some other people there as well. Don't tell anyone but this will be the first time I've done a regular shift on a local station in eight years. I haven't been full-time on a local station in sixteen years! Frightening, isn't it? I hope I remember how to do it. I'm booked this weekend and next so I don't know when I'll get trained and actually on the air.

I must get my act together and get ready to leave town tomorrow for my family reunion in Dallas. Tomorrow night will be at my mother's house and Sunday at my sister's and then I'll come home Sunday afternoon.

Yikes---just got a call. I guess my local radio career begins tonight. One of the stations (you don't think I'll tell you which one, do you???) is in a bind and needs someone to cover a shift so they are throwing me on the air tonight. Yikes!! Now I am suddenly very very nervous. Yet, I want to get on fast and get good there, so this is a good opportunity. It might be even better because the station's program director and operations manager are both out of town and won't hear me stumbling through this first one.

I'd better get my things together, get up to work and get some things done there and go.

No other real news for the week to report anyway.

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