2001-05-19 1:33 a.m.

Higher spirits

I didn't even think about it on Thursday but Thursday was my two year anniversary at my job. Two years since the first day I walked into those studios. I didn't have any regular stations to track in those days so I don't think I did any work at all that day. Those first few days and into a couple of weeks were pretty slim, which was fine since we were spending a lot of our time trying to find a house.

As for the job search, my spirits were lifted yesterday by a conversation I had with a local radio guy. I don't think I'll go into any detail because it might jynx it. It's not like it is really anything big, but the fact that the guy returned my phone call was very very nice. I may talk to him in person next week. I do have an aircheck on an mp3 file now so I am ready to send them to people.

Yesterday I had my mammogram, no big deal (except I drove all the way to San Marcos because the appointment person had said that would be the only one with an opening and then it appears that she booked me at an Austin location. Anyway, they got me in). After I went to the Eddie Bauer outlet and got me some good summer clothes and clothes suitable for a radio interview (not a suit, just a clean shirt to go with jeans). I'm not much of a shopper but it was fun to get some things that look good.

I went to see my friend Perfect C in Blanco today. Last year I gave her a lot of my favorite skinny clothes that are too sentimental to part with unless I give them to someone that will look really good in them, like her. She made me try them all on again since I have lost weight and made me take some of them home. She is still getting better use out of them than I could because some were still quite snug so I made her keep them. It was reinforcement though that I have lost some weight but I still should lose a lot more. Of course, the lunch at the Blanco Bowling Alley of catfish, coleslaw, beans, homemade bread, hush puppies, jello and fruit salad, pan fries AND pecan pie didn't do a lot of good on that route.

Neither did the beer I drank tonight. I went to the Aquarium with my disgruntled co-workers and we bad-mouthed our owners and job slashers and had fun. Good people. Five more happy hours to go. The final one will be quite a party that night. I went back to work after being with them and finished my shifts and then went to Joe's Generic to see Mark play with Big Papa. Good show. I thought I'd stay until the break and then they were going so long I thought maybe they were only playing until midnight and there would be no break. Finally they stopped at midnight but it was only for a break. A long night for him. He will be whooped when he gets in. I enjoyed talking to two men here for an organic food convention of some kind. One from Washington and one from Boston.

And I did get my tomatoes planted Wednesday. Hard to find enough sunshine on this place and I only planted four of them but I hope I get some tomatoes out of the deal. I made a sweet little garden beside the house where there is nothing and this morning I sat out there with my coffee while I watered the plants. A great place to sit and contemplate.

Tomorrow and Sunday: Grad parties, blues festival, dealing with jealousy and TB who will be at the festival as my husband's guest. Grumble grumble.

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