2001-05-12 4:19 p.m.

Killin' time Saturday

My folks could be here at any minute. They have already called from my grandmother's place in Round Rock, so depending on the length of their visit there and the traffic today on 35, I'll see them sometime.

We had a good trip to Tyler. I'm glad I don't have to do that on a regular basis. A long way to go for such little reward.

The highlight of the trip was stopping at Ruby's had shop in Corsicana. It's right on Highway 31 at I-45 in the shadow of the overpass in an old oil storage tank or something. Great hats. Millions of hats. I tried on every fancy Sunday-go-to-meeting hat they had. Sadly, I have a big head (it comes from being in radio) and I couldn't wear most of them comfortably. I did pick up a nice mint green chapeau to wear with my newest green dress and looked very spring-y at the gig Thursday night.

Stayed the night with Mark's dad and wife at their new home that we hadn't seen. Pretty place. They have also bought another home in a gorgeous part of Tyler that they are renovating and rebuilding from the foundations up. It is a big project and I'm surprised they took it on. They should move there this summer.

But I'm being boring...

Rick's in Tyler counts as another bar on my 42 Bar Year as number 16. Number 17 was last night at Joe's Generic on Sixth. Mark played there with Big Papa Dave Herrero and it was good. I only walked down with a friend from work for one beer and two songs. Not happy to see TB (referred to before as The B, I'm shortening it) there, as usual.

Mostly surprised as I left the bar to hear my name and turn around and see the husband of a cousin from Fort Smith, Arkansas, there. Surprised to see him in Austin and doubly surprised to see him in a bar. They espouse strong Southern Baptist conservatism. He didn't have to come hollar at me because I hadn't seen him so I guess it didn't bother him to be "caught." Didn't bother me to catch him. They are a weird bunch up there in Arkansas all the way around.

Got lots of work done last night but I procrastinated through it as much as I could. Finally went home about 1 a.m.

Today I've been cleaning the house for the arrival of the parents and I needed to garden but I got myself cleaned up thinking they would be here at any minute. Kind of a wasted day already. I hate that. I should have gone outside and gardened as soon as I got up, but, as sure as I did, the folks would have been on the doorstep at noon.

Now I'm hungry and I hope they'll get here soon so we can go eat.

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