Monday, Mar. 03, 2014 8:54 am

Another Cold Spell

Cold this morning! I didn't expect another cold arctic blast to come in so strong, but we are at about 20 degrees with 25 up on the porch. I had Mark bring in my last 2 living plants last night. I did get into the garden yesterday before it all hit and got things cleaned out nicely.

It was a good weekend with a party, dinner out, a movie on TV, the Academy Awards, and still plenty of time for me to be alone and get some things done that I needed to do.

One thing I had to do was shop for a new computer. Mine has been on the fritz and keeps failing to restart so I hope it will limp along not only until the new one gets here, but until I get the new one up and running, too. I have to have all sorts of special software for my audio production and my doctor transcription jobs, so I will need to get things going right for that.

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