Sunday, Mar. 30, 2014 11:33 pm


I do now have the new computer all set up for everything I do on a computer. Hooray. I need to get the files set up like they were on the old one (or better), but I can do radio and typing on this one now. Hooray. I have put the old one aside and don't have to worry about it crapping out on me at an inopportune moment.

I have not done ANYTHING on the C. book for the reunion in a week or more. I MUST get on to that.

I have been worrying over taxes and getting more panicked as the days go by. I think we are really going to owe thousands of dollars and that could mean we will have penalties since we should have paid some of these taxes through the year. I guess I will see what the account says when he gets these. He may just get us an extension because I am so late this year.

We have had a good weekend that was also productive. Mark had his friend LD and her husband over yesterday for pictures in the bluebonnets so he cleaned house a lot and we both worked in the yard and planted things and got the place spiffed up. His pictures were, as usual, awesome.

Today he took me to the same bluebonnet field and took pictures of me there. Then we went to a farm sale where a friend of Mark's grandparents lived. There was a gazillion old things there --- many that were on our farm as I grew up so it brought back a lot of memories of Dad's things. We bought just a few iron things to hang on the fence mostly. I wish I were more crafty and creative and I would have gotten a lot more.

Now it is back to work tomorrow. On Friday when I thought I was under pressure for a lot of programs I discovered I really wasn't so now I need to use that new time that has become available to get more organized and get ahead permanently.

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