Tuesday, Mar. 25, 2014 9:50 am

Stressing Out A Lot

We survived SXSW. I think Mark did better than he usually does. He was exhausted, but not miserably so. He worked some super long hours, that is for sure. I didn't do much at all at SXSW this year. I said I was going to a show on Friday, but went to the cemetery instead. A friend had never seen it so I took him and gave him my grand tour (that could use some tooling, I think).

And my birthday fell on Saturday of SXSW. I decided since it was a day I should be able to do whatever I wanted to do, I could just enjoy my day at home alone (or with Mark sleeping). I had great long phone calls with my mom and nephew and several friends. I had Facebook messages and cards in the mail, too. Between stuff I did genealogy and didn't feel guilty that the laundry wasn't getting done or the house wasn't clean.

Now a whole week has gone by since the birthday. We had cake and ice cream at work on Friday so the party definitely continued.

And then I had another great weekend. I went up to Newburg to the cemetery association meeting and saw some distant cousins and some strangers that have relatives in the cemetery. It was a very pleasant meeting and pot luck lunch. I wandered the cemetery some and took some pictures. I also visited the Priddy cemetery and the abandoned German cemetery nearby. I tried to go by the Carlton Cemetery on the way back, but I couldn't find it.

A stop in Lampasas at the fruit stand and I bought some tomato plants and garden plants and then home. Mark played at the Saxon with Guy, but I didn't have the energy to go. I had had a terrible night of sleep the night before when he was in Fort Worth and then got home at 4:30, so I opted out of seeing the band. I wish I had, though, he said it was a great night.

Now the band is going to go to Europe so he is excited about that and I do hope I can make it happen that I can meet up with them somewhere over there. I guess we will know more when we find out the dates and I pay the taxes and see what is left over.

Money sent me into a panic yesterday. Mark got a new iPhone and I was looking at the money drains and wondering how we are going to make all this up if the taxes are bad and the wedding expenses are high, etc. He talked me down some with some common sense, but it still has me worried. Of course. I'm always going to worry about money.

I went to a happy hour for friends' birthdays yesterday. It was pleasant and I tried to be super outgoing and friendly to the ones I knew instead of just sitting. I didn't stay too long. I came home and typed at that point.

The new computer is working well now. I have done radio on it once. I haven't gotten the Word dictionaries and templates transferred and can't get that figured out. I need to have them. I don't want to start from scratch!!

And I'm working from home today and running some errands around lunch, too. I hope I can get some stuff done without stress.

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