Tuesday, Mar. 24, 2020 4:09 pm

pondering job loss

I normally don't go to this site on my company computer, but on this beautiful Tuesday afternoon while I sit on the porch, it is the computer in my lap so I will....

I am pondering what I will learn in one hour. We have a full team conference call where we will find out our fate. I've already heard that the entire worldwide sales force of our company is furloughed for 90 days. That makes sense since they cannot really sell anything until we know how this will all end. And I wonder what the project teams are doing.... they cannot be doing much either if they are sheltered in place and social distancing. My team certainly can continue to do the work we do, but is it necessary when the businesses we work for are shut down and no one hears it? AND the companies are no longer paying their bills to us because they are closed. Grim, grim, grim.

We've been told that some people (company wide) are being completely laid off, some are being furloughed with no pay, but with benefits, for 90 days, and others may have shortened hours (or am I making that part up?).

But it is a beautiful warm day and my kitties are all outside and mostly getting along right now. Moon Pie is hissing because Phil and Slippers are up on the shelves looking at a squirrel or something. I know I'm not going to work anymore today, but I won't be able to go rake leaves or do anything either. Of course I could clean the kitchen, I could run the vacuum, there are things I could do, but I'll sit here and stew.

But if I'm laid off, I won't be able to go look for work while we're on lock down. Maybe I will make myself work on the yard and the house in my time? Will I write? Will I finally put the genealogy down on paper? I really don't see me getting any ambition or mojo or energy to start those things. I'll probably sit on my ass and get fatter and wallow until someone is kind enough to give me a job. Stupid attitude, I know.

I've frequently thought before that if I were out of work I would quickly sell the house and move back to DFW just to be close to family and find a less expensive place to live. That can't happen while houses can't be shown, etc. But I hope that with my little bit of savings, some govt loans or mortgage forgiveness or things they will have to do because so many people are out of work, that it will all work out. I'm always the Annie, but Jesus I get tired of digging myself out of holes and never getting truly ahead.

But maybe this will open the doors to better jobs, better friends, a roommate or another arrangement that makes my life easier. Maybe I'll sell my paintings or my writing or my genealogy. Or this sexy body. Haha -- see? The sense of humor is still there.

When mother was dying last weekend, my sister and I touched on our inheritance (only briefly). I am self-centered enough to have thought that if she died now there is at least something left of her estate and the money would certainly be a boon to both me and my sister. I'm very glad my mother is alive, for sure. I don't think I'll be telling her my job is gone until she is better.

Not that it is gone --- I think I will call her right now before that meeting in 30 minutes.

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