Saturday, Mar. 21, 2020 11:30 am

Pep Talk in Times of Corona

A week later and things have changed dramatically. The day after I wrote (on my actual birthday, I guess), things were better for Mother. She was more coherent and surgery wasn't necessary and therefore hospice wasn't necessary, etc. They continued to treat her and she wasn't in such miserable pain, though she still was suffering. She did improve enough that on Wednesday evening they sent her to skilled nursing care at another facility. They transported her by ambulance about six o'clock and as soon as I packed up I drove on home and got here about 11. Mother can't have any visitors at the new place because of the covid 19. We're glad about that, but sad that we can't come to cheer her up. Yes, it was a relief that I could come home. My sister has talked to her on Facetime and thought she was looking a lot better already. I hope she gets rest and good nutrition and enough exercise to help her get up and walk and take care of herself again and then she can go back home. When she goes back home, though, she can't have visitors there either! They have clamped down so I guess we'll just go back to phone calls at that point. I'm glad all of these places are being as cautious as they are because, goodness knows, there are lots of people that aren't being cautious.

So I got back home to a whole different world down here with everything closed up and no gatherings and no work at my office (for me). I worked from home the last two days and we are expected to work from home through April at least. I emailed a lot with my friend in the other office in NC. He is working IN the office, but they've cut their hours and the phones are very slow.

It was cold yesterday and today so I have a fire going now and I won't be going outside probably at all (might go get the mail and I SHOULD walk around the block). My bluebonnets are blooming and I am not seeing nearly enough of them!

Today will be my first day at home without work guilting me into doing that. I truly hope before the day ends I get a little bit of mojo and clean the kitchen and bathroom really really well and vacuum the house. I did wash towels and sheets last night. I have a lot of things here on this desk that I want to scan. I want to get into my genealogy at a desktop computer much more intently. So many things I want to do and then I may end up just drinking and watching TV and napping. Is that pitiful? It's all a weird weird world we are living in. I think I am way better suited for this isolation than a lot of people. I have some potatoes cooking right now to make some soup. I last went to the grocery about 10 days ago, but then I was in Dallas another week. So I've been home 60 hours or so and I do want to see how many days I can go before I need to get more groceries and supplies. I've run out of Triscuits and milk. Nothing dire. I don't have any fresh fruits or vegetables and probably not any frozen ones either. For nutrition I may have to get out soon.

I am very grateful I am home alone without Mark. If he were here I would be expected to come up with better food options for him. He'd probably insist on going out and doing things or working or he'd interrupt my concentration on my work. I don't know. But I'm glad he and I aren't cooped up together. We have talked on the phone because he took care of the cats some while I was gone.

For now I think I'll check the potatoes and get another cup of coffee and enjoy the fire and read the news and maybe read a book until the mojo comes along to get me up and dressed and DOING something. How great would I feel tonight if my house were clean and smelled good and I could relax and enjoy a funny sweet movie? Absolutely satisfied. I will head in that direction. Go Me!

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