Monday, March 19, 2001 03:03 p.m.

Saturday party

I had all sorts of ambition to get an entry in here today but the day has, once again, gotten away from me. My sister has been in Holland for a week and she called to tell me ALL about the trip. After 35 minutes I told her I needed to go because I had lunch ready and she was a little snippy with her "fine." I called back after lunch and she went on for another 30 minutes. That is the pleasure of e-mail, it's convenient for both ends.

I had a good weekend but I sure wish it had been warm and dry. I went to a great party Saturday night at Puppy's house ( Mark had a gig that would end early so I asked if he wanted to come to this party when he got through. "No, I don't have anything in common with those people." BUZZ, wrong answer. Later he was backtracking and saying he didn't want to go to a party after a gig because he knew he would be tired, etc. That would have been an acceptable answer. I have dragged along with him to many a party where I am bored out of my mind with a smile on my face while guitar playing-singer-songwriters feel it is their duty to play their latest song. It really irritated me that he had no clue who was even having this party except that it was a journal writer.

But, anyway. I went to the party and had a great time. Matthew and Renee have a beautiful home and they are gracious hosts and they had a margarita machine--whoo-hoo!! I want one of those permanently installed here at home. Their friends were all really nice people that were interesting and were interested in me. I met Alan whose brother did all the artwork in my office and has a cool studio on South First that I have long admired. Alan is a financial planner that I might get brave and seek advice from someday. Jeff was a fun bass player that had the funniest stories to tell. I've been repeating his woes of having a high metabolism (he's hungry all the time and can't afford to feed himself) and his van without brakes (which he ran into a light pole rather than go rolling into an intersection). I liked Mary, who gardens a lot better than me, it seemed, and had the quickest wit I've been around in ages. Those were the three I got most well-acquainted with and really enjoyed talking to. Thanks for a great time Renee and Matthew and happy birthdays to all of us.

Okay, I'm not going to dwell on it but I'm going to report it and declare I'm miffed. I rented some movies after the party (we never rent movies) and we watched American Beauty late Saturday night since we were both home for a change. At 1:45 we're still into the movie and I hear a buzzing sound. Mark say, "I think my phone is vibrating." He goes and finds it on the desk and it is vibrating and it is B calling him. To his credit he only talked a minute and told her we were watching a movie and returned to the movie (which I had not paused for him out of spite). After the movie I told him that I was not singleing her out but I wanted him to let his friends know not to call that late at night. He said that was a knee-jerk reaction and he wouldn't do it because she had called the car phone and it wasn't like she had called the house number and woke us up. The subject has been dropped now but I am not happy.

That disagreement cast a sort of a chill on my birthday celebration Sunday. I'll give the full day later--we went to ZTejas for brunch, a movie, shopping.

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