2001-03-01 Late night

Baton Rouge

I haven't written in a week and it has flown by---not in that good, I'm having a great time way, but in that running-on-a-treadmill-turned-up-too-high way. I'm surviving and looking forward to a quieter day tomorrow (knock on wood).

Last Friday as I was trying to get everything done to get out of town for Baton Rouge, my car died downtown in rush hour (almost) and in the rain. By the time AAA got there is started again. Just my luck. It drove on to work but now I was wary. I had just had it checked Wednesday at NTB and there were "no problems" but obviously there were. Friday night I tried to drive to it to NTB to leave it with them to fix these "no problems" but I couldn't get it there. It died twice on Congress, had hardly any lights and tail lights and was suffering. I had my friend Ellen following me and helping immensely with suggestions, battery cables, cell phone, a shoulder... We finally abandoned the frickin' car and she took me home, I called and had it towed to NTB. Then, to make matters worse, got home from B.R. and picked it up and the battery light was still shining brightly despite the new battery and cables and we took it to another mechanic and I have a new $400 alternator. I am car shopping next week. Mark's attitude is "it's got a new alternator and battery, it's good for a long while now" but I'm afraid there is another major repair looming. For Chrissake the car has 220000 miles on it----it's time to let it rest.

Baton Rouge was a lot better than I ever anticipated. Not the town itself, I knew I'd have no problem with the town, just the people I was going to see. They treated me nicely, bought my meals and took care of me so I'll give them credit. I especially enjoyed the afternoon guy. The others had described him as a "ladies' man" and when I met him I realized what they meant. He was a gentleman, he was easy to talk to, he was handsome and fun, he listened and made me feel great. Ladies' men are called that for a reason!

I was on the radio station's float for their Mardi Gras parade. Their's in nothing like New Orleans. Not much debauchery, more a family affair and broad open daylight and no one (too) drunk at that time of the day. We were slugging down some good Bloody Marys but we weren't inebriated, just feeling good.

Sunday I got to tour the city and saw Mike, the LSU tiger mascot, the old state capitol and the lakes around LSU. I ate at a couple of cool places on the trip: Phil's Oyster Bar that has been around a long time, I hear, Coffee Call, a cafe au lait and beignet place, and Middendorf's out at the lake. I had some pretty good fried shrimp over the weekend.

Came home late Sunday night and went back to work even though I was exhuasted. My hope was that if I went in and did the two shows that needed to be done, I wouldn't have to get up early on Monday and go in to do them. I was able to do one but the show for Baton Rouge, which they had assured me had been loaded in to the system, was not there and I couldn't do it. So Monday morning I drag myself up, exhuasted and go to work and we still had a dickens of a time getting their log. I was supposed to be on the air in B.R. at 10 o'clock and I wasn't on until 10:50. I blamed it on the Mardi Gras holiday, saying I had assumed I had a holiday.

The rest of this week has been a week of playing catch up and trying to get some rest. I went to see a counselor on Tuesday that a friend recommended. I see myself slightly slipping back toward depression and although I would just like to ignore the feeling and keep plugging along, I think it is better to deal with some of this now instead of waiting for it to get full blown. Mark is having a difficult time with me and this right now. He thinks I'm perfect and doesn't understand why I can't quit dwelling on things and obsessing and worrying. If I could turn it all off, I would, but I can't.

I did a stupid thing this week. Tuesday, being Mardi Gras, of course, I wanted to get my work done early and get out of downtown before the next melee, plus, a good friend was having a Mardi Gras party. She went to school in New Orleans and has lots of experience with Mardi Gras it sounded like it would be a fun fun time. I couldn't find her address or phone number so I called another friend to find out where the party would be and e-mailed the friend having the party, telling her to call me on the cell phone so I could be there. She got the message and called and said, "I hate to tell you this, but the party of Friday!" I don't know how I got so screwed up but I had the party written on the calendar and had always firmly believed it was to be on Tuesday. It may have all been for the best since I was having the car trouble and more on Friday night. Thinking I wanted to be at a party I couldn't get to would have only added to the stress.

Tonight I went to a private party at the Hill's Restaurant that will be opening in South Austin in late March. It is going to be a cool steakhouse again. I know it was probably really something in the days when South Congress was the main route to San Antonio. I would have loved to have seen it before the remodel. It still has many quaint things about it. When it reopens, check it out and make sure you go out back to see the cute little house and the oak trees.

Mark is playing tonight and I went for a while but decided I needed to have some time at home alone. I'm going to go take a hot bath and think.

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