Wednesday, Mar. 12, 2014 1:15 am

SXSW begins

Tonight the new computer is letting me go to this site. So THIS will be my first entry via the new computer. I have had some troubles with it tonight and had to take it back to the way I got it and start over with new programs and such. I did NOT add as many because I could not get Skype to quit loading automatically. This is one thing I want to blog about (on my "real" blog).... not about software so much, but how this whole current young culture is all about communication and sharing. Every app and program and software talks about how easy it is to share everything and how easy it is to work together on a project when you can share a document, a spreadsheet, etc. They want you to share your photos the instant you take them. And, when I was trying to shut down Skype, it was warning me, "No one will be able to call you if you shut this down." Right. It's like taking the phone off the hook--- like I used to do all the time! I don't want anyone calling me unless we've planned it ahead of time. I even have my birthday coming up this Saturday and sometimes the phone calls on my birthday are a pain. I feel obligated to answer since people are nice enough to call on my birthday, but then I feel (with some) that they want to talk and talk and don't seem to notice that I told them I'm out having a meal or in the car with Mark or whatever. I really just want them to say Happy Birthday and then send me an email later.

Mark took me to lunch today. It was very sweet to go to lunch with him for my birthday, just a few days early. We went to the food trailer of a friend. Really good lasagna.

Today was the first day of SXSW. I didn't participate at all. I had an invitation to one party, but I never went over there. I knew parking would be difficult and I had no inclination whatsoever to walk any distance. Tomorrow I will go to JF's party and enjoy it a while and then come back to the office or at least do a meeting in my car (I may go with that option). I don't think I'm going to be out tomorrow night for anything. I'm going to take it really easy this year. I'm already planning on being home on Saturday and not out.

Mark started working the all-nights tonight. I hope he survives. He didn't get a lot of sleep today. I had to take a cymbal up to him tonight that he didn't know they needed. Since I was out I went to the grocery store, too, and got some foods for him to have here and to take up there, too. Tomorrow I may make him some Special K cookies.

It took me forever tonight to get my radio show done. Some of it was from having a cat on the keyboard. Other was just not having anything interesting to talk about or not being able to spit out what I was trying to say. But it is finally done and I should go to bed. I feel like I am wide awake though. I guess I'll go to bed and read a little while and hope that does it.

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