Monday, Mar. 10, 2014 8:21 am

Spring Break is here

I was all ready to put my first new entry in Diaryland via my new HP laptop, but the firewall it has installed temporarily as a trial won't let me get here. Maybe this site is dangerous for some, but I need it! Don't fence me out! I couldn't make it come up at all so I am back on the old computer to type this. I'm glad I have the old computer. I wonder how many I've had in the 15 years I've been doing this diary? I can think of 5 right off the bat (not counting all the work computers).

It is a beautiful morning and I'm thrilled that, despite the time change, I woke up at a "normal" time. Early enough to get up and enjoy my coffee and computer and a visit with my husband, but not so early that I toss and turn and wish I could sleep again.

Mark and I both had some lousy sleep over the weekend when I was in Dallas and he was here. I don't know what's up with that, but maybe I need the sound of his CPAP machine and its cold breeze blowing in my face and maybe he needs my constant throwing the covers back when I have a hot flash and covering up when I get cold again.

I did have a great weekend in Dallas for Mom's birthday. We went to the casino and all came home with more money in our pockets than when we left and we had a good birthday dinner with her and my nephew and we also had pedicures and manicures. And, of course, we laughed a lot. Mom's apartment was flooded last week when a sprinkler pipe in the wall froze and then exploded into her living room. That was all under control now and she got to go back home to her apartment. The wall isn't repaired, but the carpets were dried and shampooed and put back in place. I'm so glad she lives in a lovely place that takes care of those things.

I drove home on Saturday and took a quick stop by one cemetery on the way to see a g-g-g-grandmother. I mainly went to get a view on a bluff where I read that she had a house (in the 1850s). But I turned a corner and there was her grave so I stopped and paid my respects. That cemetery (in Belton) had grape hyacinths all over it. That made me get excited for bluebonnet season and cemeteries with bluebonnets in them. It was cold and windy in that cemetery. I don't think I've ever been there yet when it wasn't. I will have to be sure and go by sometime when it is sunny and warm so I can enjoy it more.

When I got back to Austin it was POURING rain from Round Rock all the way home and kept pouring all evening. I did stop and pick up my new computer at my friend's house. When I got home I let it charge for a while and then spent the weekend tweaking it and adding all the programs it needs. It's all been smooth so far. I got sick of Windows 8 pretty fast. It's a pretty interface, but I never could get the things I want easily so I put on a program that makes it appear like windows 7 did.

This is Spring Break and SXSW and I hope we make it through. Mark's schedule turns upside down tomorrow and I will be sleeping alone for four nights. Saturday night he MIGHT be home by 4 or 5 or 6 and get to sleep with me a bit, but not until then. He works very hard all the time, but unbearably hard through this week. Oh, yes, I'm heading toward my birthday, too. Wish I could make it more special on one hand. On the other, I wish it would be totally ignored.

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