Wednesday, Mar. 04, 2020 2:00 pm

Home at Lunch

I'm at home for just a minute. I so rarely come home during the work day it feels weird. Like coming home sick from school. Weird to see that life goes on here at the house even when I'm not a part of it.

I needed to get my big check into the bank. I don't know why I feel this need to deposit big ones AT the bank. I overcame that feeling and did it on my phone. I also had a Disney dividend check. Whoo-hoo. I also came home because I've had 5 letters here ready to mail for days and haven't gotten them off. I sometimes write a card in time, but then let it lay around.

My mind keeps thinking of things I would do here at home if I were to stay home, but I know I wouldn't do them. I can't get going on them at night and probably wouldn't do it during the daytime either.

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