Sunday, Jun. 08, 2014 7:49 pm

June is here

Time sure seems to fly faster and faster. Cherokee was weeks ago. It was fun. Beautiful surroundings and we had fun.

Since then? Let's see. I got a new bigger boss. He was in town this week and I like him more than other bosses I've met at the company, but I am still reserving final judgment. He's a little cocky. We'll see if anything changes. Makes me a little trepidatious, but no more than it was before, I guess.

So let's just jump to today, shall we? Mark had a gig this afternoon, but I stayed home. I repotted several plants and helped others that needed more dirt, etc. I cleaned up the leaves in the yard more, too. I'm worn out now. So very tired.

I have NOT worked on the book for the family AT ALL. I am procrastinating big time. Last night I came in here to work on it and then did just about anything but. Not good. Not good at all.

I did knock a lot of things off my to-do list this weekend, though, and that feels good. I bought cards and mailed a bunch of them (or I have them ready to mail). Father's Day cards, too.

I had a horrible clash of engagements Friday because of my calendar impairment. I hate that I cannot get straight with the use of calendars. Bugs the shit out of me. I canceled one and went to the family event. Felt bad all the way around about it all day long, though. Lots of anxiety. I cut back my seroquel to half starting last Tuesday and I wondered if that contributed to the anxiety Friday. I have felt less swimmy-headed. That was why I cut back.

Cooked a big dinner tonight, but Mark is out in the garage drilling or something and it is all just getting colder. I'm not even hungry after sampling things all afternoon. I tried a recipe for really quick yeast rolls. Turned out pretty good.

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