2000-06-04 6:35 pm

Rain! Glorious Rain!

Husband will be home in less than an hour so I'll update. He's been in Dallas gigging, just for the one night.

Rain today was wonderful. I need to go sit on the porch and enjoy the soft air and sweet smell and COOL temperatures. May be the last until October.

Actually accomplished something this weekend. I finally got into the kitchen cabinets and drawers and got them reorganized. It is a crime to move into a house, put stuff in cabinets and drawers "for now" and still have it there a year later. Now everything is much more manageable and FINDable.

I'm trying to clean off the desk too but not having as much luck there. Too many things that need to be dealt with or don't have a good permanent home.

Spent the day yesterday out and about. Had an acupuncture session and it improved my sore jaw and ear a lot. Having smoke blown into my sore ear is heaven. Trekked by Whole Foods and Half Price Books and then pooped out and came home. Dinner at Vinny's with the in-laws. They are in town for the Antiques Roadshow. They took four items to be appraised and had quite nice news on three of them. As for the fourth, a fabulous huge document deeding land in Pennsylvania from William Penn to our family (others in the family have a document deeding the land from the King of England to William Penn!), I have no idea what the appraisers said. Very odd. They didn't tell me and I didn't ask.

At Vinny's we had my favorite waiter Robert. I love having favorite waiters. All our favorites at Threadgill's are working at other restaurants or aren't working as much. It's hard cultivating new ones!

I'm starting all sorts of new diet plans right now (no, I'm not settling on one, I want fast results!). Won't go into the details but I anticipate some weight loss. I'm currently about 8 pounds below Abolute Worse Grossout Weight and losing 15 pounds this summer would make me a very happy little dj.

I'm listening to my Cornell Hurd albums, er, uh, CDs, today. What a great band and songwriter. Haven't heard "hurd" them in a while but seeing him in town last week reminded me. I must get to Jovita's one of these Thursday nights to see them again. I haven't ever seen them in Austin.

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