Friday, Jun. 29, 2018 6:44 pm

Bummed into the Weekend

Week came to a pretty rapid close, thank goodness. I've gotten 14 hours of my part-time work in so at least one more hour tonight, but 2 or 3 and I'll feel quite victorious. So I am going to finish this, get an alcoholic beverage, and settle in to work.

Mark's out of town in Houston and will be back very late after the gig.... like 4 in the morning. I wish he were spending the night and I might not even see him tomorrow. He was out of town last night and it was kind of a trial run for my single days ahead. I can't say I LIKED it, but I didn't dislike it either. It just was.

I have been kind of morose today with no real reason other than change. I'll muddle through. It wasn't my "zola" it was just sad.

I looked up some more pages about divorce on the web and it seems like filing electronically is the thing to do and you can pay a service to do it all legal and right. About $150 or so to get that done. I think I need to get that started just to move us along. I almost feel like Mark hopes I'll drag my feet on all of this. Of course, his medical insurance lasts as long as our marriage does so he does have incentive. Especially if he is off in his own place and I'm fighting to support this house.

There was a reveal party last night for my nephew and his wife and baby #3. It's going to be another little girl and that makes us all happy. It is going to be adorable to see those 3 girls all their lives. My sister was supposed to let me know when she knew (earlier in the day) but she did not. I learned it on Facebook. That pissed me off. But my sweet nephew did call me last night to make sure I knew. He was sure that my sister or mother had told me. When I told him I learned on facebook I could tell he didn't think was acceptable either and was embarrassed.

The world has gone to complete hell in a handbasket this week and I am actually avoiding news. So much stuff with immigration and with Justice Kennedy resigning from the Supreme Court and a shooting in a newspaper office yesterday. It all breaks my heart and I feel helpless so I am burying my head in the sand for a little while and I will leave it to stronger people than me to speak up right now.

I feel kind of sick to my stomach even thinking about it all. I think I'd better go get that drink. STAT.

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