2001-06-29 2:32 p.m.

Goodbye to the job

Killing time until Mark is ready to go to lunch. Making toast to tide me over.

How do I feel about this last day of my job? I don't have to work today, which is a nice thing, I don't have much enthusiasm for it. I finished the last two shows yesterday. I guess I'm saying goodbye on the air right about now in Farmington and Baton Rouge and tonight will be my last aired shift in Spokane.

I was very very good at what I did and I enjoyed it. I could have done it for a long time to come and not been burned out on it even though is wasn't very challenging anymore. That is what I look forward to about the change, that something will challenge me and help me find new talents and reach a whole new level of vitality and expertise and enjoyment.

The phrase "better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all" is how I feel about leaving this job. I look forward to better jobs and better bosses if they exsist but at least I know that they do exsist and they did exsist for me for two years.

I turned down the job that was offered to me Wednesday (don't know if I had written about it in here--think I did). Made it very clear to him why I was turning it down. It wasn't a money thing on this one. Number one it isn't the job I want schedule-wise or actual job-wise and number two it could put my severence pay in jeopardy and cause troubles for the man who hires me and the men I had been working for. I left it with this station that I will call him in August and talk again. Maybe by then I will have found the perfect job in every way somewhere else or he will have a different opening that fits my needs better. Either way, there is no sense jumping into something that I don't have to. I am in no need of a paycheck for a long while.

Tonight I say goodbye to many dear friends. Some are staying in Austin and I'll continue to see them, but probably not frequently. We had such a good thing going, just the right combination of co-workers. None that drove me up a wall, none that were hell to deal with, some that weren't the nicest people in the world, but mostly an interesting fun bunch of people.

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