Monday, Jun. 28, 2021 8:27 am

The Pace Picks Up

I might as well keep up this string of entries about my new adventure...

Yesterday was busier than I expected. I talked to my Dallas realtor and emailed and texted with my Austin realtor. We put in an offer on the "new" house in Dallas and I'll cross my fingers. I'm not even approved for the cash bridge loan yet, but I don't have any doubt that they'd approve me, it is just a matter of them doing it fast enough for everything to fall into place. I keep telling myself that if it falls into place, it was meant to.

My Dallas realtor sent me the comps for my neighborhood. One home, similar to mine, went on the market for $379000 and sold 5 days later for $511,000. That is more than insane. You see the selling price, but rarely know the sales price and WOW that is a bunch more.

I called B! and told her about the possibilities and she was excited for me. Amazing how things have advanced just since she was here last week. She looked it up and had all the same thoughts as I did about the cuteness. I also called G&P to share the progress with them. They were excited for me, too.

Okay - tamp down that excitement a bit. It is a workday, but I'm up a bit early. It is a tiny bit cooler this morning and expecting rain so it may stay moderate for June/July.

Yesterday I went to the bridge website and filled in all their questions and sent tax forms and paystubs and all the things they required. I didn't have great pictures of the house to share but sent some I had. I did manage to change my sheets and move some laundry around, but that was about as productive as I got on normal stuff.

Dozing on the porch this morning, I thought about how much I will miss that porch. I love that porch. But a lot of the memories of that porch are still Mark so it will be nice to have a fresher, personal, single-life start.

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