Sunday, Jun. 27, 2021 11:53 am

Next step

Phil up here with me on the desk. He wants out. He's an indoor/outdoor cat now. I prefer he be in, but he wants to go out and he usually stays in my back and front yard. I've never seen him go out in the street. He sometimes goes into Elizabeth's yard.

CBH and M&T both looked at "my" little Carrollton house for me yesterday and sent pictures and gave opinions. I just told H2R (C and K's realty group) that I'm ready to make an offer if that is possible with no money to give them this week. I've sent out an inquiry to the place Rita told me about that bridges your home loans and I hope they can work fast.

I really don't want to go through the long house-hunting process, even if it is fun to see stranger's houses. Never before have I seen a house online (okay, there were no "houses online" during my last house hunts) and wanted it like this. I am aware it isn't a "Perfect" house and if I get tired of living in a small place with an old house's limitations, I can sell it and move again someday. People do that all the time. Even if it sold for less I'd have lots of equity in it.

Mostly, the thing that excites me is owning a house AND being debt free? Who does that? My "rent" would be 5 or 6 hundred a month, but I wouldn't have to pay anyone monthly since that would be for taxes and insurance. I'd just be saving and pay it when it is due. That means I'd have $1350 more in my paycheck each month. My YNAB budgeting would be so much better! I really could budget toward things I want like trips and furniture and a bigger genealogy subscription!

My friend TP came over last night and he was encouraging about the whole process. We love seeing each other, but it has been so seldom over the last year we've gotten used to it. I could still visit. We could still be on the phone. We'd still work together. He brought diet snacks that were very good and I had watermelon at his request. We sat on the porch and talked a long time. He brought me some cool lighting to try on my porch, but I may wait a few days to see how quickly I'm packing up and moving!

I guess that's where I am. I need to finish laundry today. That's probably more important than anything.

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