Friday, Jun. 27, 2014 10:57 am

Wedding #2

And here we are, a week after nephew #2's wedding and anticipating a restful weekend.

This wedding was beautiful in a whole different way from nephew #1's. Lots and lots of love, tears and laughs, simpler and more nontraditional in some ways. It was beautiful.

All the travel turned out pretty easy. I had to take Xanax before the first flight. Not from fear of flying so much, just anxiety about everything working out... getting there, going through security, etc. We were fine.

We stayed at a beautiful house that my sister provided. I need to get a thank you off to her for that. That saved us a bundle and made it all more fun-- getting to be with the whole family through the day.

Nephew asked Mark to come rescue him from festivities the day before the wedding. They allowed me to go, too, and Mark ended up buying him a beautiful guitar. That was fun.

Now I've been back at work a week and I am so tired and out of sorts because I can't catch up. This morning I got up at 7 and laid down on the porch and slept HARD until 9 a.m. I wouldn't have woken up then if Mark hadn't come along.

Now I am working from home (wait, what? working?) and catching up on things that need more concentration than I can get at work.

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