2001-06-27 10:26 p.m.

Possible job

I'm finally through with the two jobs a day routine. Tomorrow should be very simple with only about an hour of work left on the old job. Friday will be a day to go to work only to turn in my garage parking card and pick up anything I've left behind.

One possible new job still in the works. I inquired about it today since two weeks ago it was offered and then unoffered. No progress there, apparently. Still very weird.

Then I called another station in town and went into an interview this afternoon. Everything was handled the way I really like things to go: I didn't have a tape or a resume, my reputation preceded me, he knew he wanted me for a job and he offered the job and even told me about the salary. Very professional, very decisive. But this is the job that can snatch thousands of dollars from me if I accept it too soon. I cannot accept it for a while. And I'm not sure I want to accept it. It is a job I've done before, it is not really a job I want to do again although it would be much safer than the last time I did it. It might lead to more, it might mean more money, but there are still questions and what-ifs. I think I will have to tell the guy that I cannot answer him for at least a month on this one and if he needs to hire someone before then I will understand.

At least it made me feel wanted.

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