2001-06-26 11:00 a.m.

Corpus Christi weekend

Just a quick entry to get back in the habit. Another busy day ahead of me working two jobs leading up to no job (or maybe a 1/4 of a job) as of Friday.

I had a wonderful weekend in Corpus. Quite unexpected to be there. Mark had a gig scheduled for Saturday night there and then another band asked him to play there Friday night. I had no commitment in Austin Saturday so Mark asked me to come along. A very nice ego boost and compliment to me (which I needed) to have him ask.

We drove down Friday night and were there only just in time for the gig. The band was a blues band from Austin that was good. I especially liked the bass player who had a Peter Brady haircut that amused me. The main guy was a little standoffish and the bass player assured us that he could be an asshole but since Mark was the hired gun the guy had nothing but nice things to say. Nice ego boost for Mark to play with someone new that was amazed at how good he was.

Spent Saturday in Corpus admiring the beautiful oleanders and bougainvillea and the sun on the water. We drove up to Port A and took the ferry across after a more-than-an-hour wait to get on board. Not the best way to spend an hour of vacation but we had some very funny conversation. As a time passer I said, "Can you name the five boroughs of New York?" and Mark immediately responded with "Why? They already have names."

Walked the beach a bit on Mustang Island but an algae/seaweed was all over the shore and in the water, making it less than perfect. We laid down in the back of the car/truck/suv/whatever and napped a little to the sound of the surf. Very very relaxing.

Ate a lot of fried seafood in Port A at the Quarter Deck. We've been there before and it was as good as before. Fishermen dock just beside the place and we could see them bring in their catch. Went over to observe a hammerhead shark that had to be six feet long and over a hundred pounds. Quite a monster. Seeing it eviscerated and butchered turned my stomach and led me toward the path of vegetarianism, but I'm sure once that meat is battered and fried I won't think of it again.

The hotel in Corpus was full of a Catholic girl convention and they were everywhere...primarily the elevator. The slow slow elevator. I tend toward claustrophobic anyway but being crowded on an elevator full of girls that stopped at every single floor because giggly schoolgirls tend to push every button did nothing for my phobia. Finally getting to the ground floor only to have a dozen girls standing immediately in front of the elevator entrance waiting to crowd on before we could set foot off. Then the girls on the elevator with us stepping out of the elevator two steps and then standing stock still as they gazed around the lobby as if they hadn't a clue in the world that ten people behind them were trying to disembark this box of oppressiveness. Augh!!! I had to push people out of the way to get to where I could get some air and walk freely. Not a good feeling.


I came home Saturday night since I had to work Sunday. Mark played the gig and came home with the band on Sunday.

Worked Sunday, yesterday and today and tomorrow at the new job. Still in limbo as to where it will lead.

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