Sunday, Jun. 24, 2018 11:48 am

Sunday morning zola

I'm feeling zola already this morning and probably because I need to eat something.

I couldn't get out of bed this morning. I wasn't sleeping, but reviewing some of the crazy dreams I had. I dreamed of Jamey's family, even the boys, and I had a dream of traveling from maybe my parents back to my house (in DFW) and I was riding a bike on this long long long possibly dirt road/trail. I could see it so there was some light. Cars would come along and I would have to get off the road completely so they wouldn't hit me. Then there was a big wreck and I was trying to avoid cars sliding into me. Very fearful-of-my-surroundings-and-path dream. Hmmmm, wonder what that means. ha

Mark's already off for his day. I should tell him he doesn't have to tell me about his day at all anymore. But he explains in minute detail how he and his girlfriend are spending the whole day together. Of course, in his version she just sort of happens to be there every step of the way. They are having lunch with a friend and visiting a studio she's never been to, etc. etc. I told him I was getting my toes done and working, which is true, but I'm doing some of that with Diana.

I need to get dressed RIGHT now so I can get down to her house in time to rescue her from a guy that has stopped by and won't stop talking.

So I guess I'll throw on some clothes, grab a Coke (and a smile!) and a sweet and salty bar to munch on on the road to keep me from starving and head that way. Work will have to come later this evening and I hope I can settle down and concentrate on it.

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