Saturday, Jun. 23, 2018 11:42 am

Going to see Jose

This is just one of my "to do" list entries just because my mind is full. I need to get going and get dressed and cleaned up RIGHT NOW because I am going to see my stroke-victim friend Jose and take him his work computer and visit a while. I know he needs company. It is a pain to make the long trip, but I would hope people would do it for me!

My computer took a full 10 minutes to get ready (at least) and that makes me worry about its future. I need to get my files more organized and backed up properly in case the worst happens.

Today I have to type and I have to get some hours for AMI. Gotta.

And I need to check our accounts, close some, make our divorce list, inventory, etc.

I need to brush Willie and give him some love (another stroke victim).

I would love for the house to be cleaner, but I am not going to stress over that at all. Same with the crap bothering me in the yard.

Enough for now, that cleared my mind and I can start my day.

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