2001-06-16 10:52 p.m.

Nathan Jr

The kitty Lyndon is now named Nathan, Jr. It may change again tomorrow, stand by.

There are three ways I buy groceries. I either have a really good list and I go to the grocery and see the crowds and the hassle and I end up buying a loaf of bread and a gallon of milk and getting by with just that. Or, I have a need of only milk and bread and I go and buy a hundred dollars worth of groceries. Or, like tonight, I make out a good list and go to the store and no longer have the list and have to try to remember what I need. These are the nights I usually really need milk and bread and I get home with ice cream and soda.

I hate some of the grocery store decisions. Tonight I decided against five pounds of potatoes for 1.99 and opted for 25 pounds for 2.99. Fifteen pounds of extra potatoes for a dollar! Of course, now I have to find uses for all those potatoes. I wish there was a dessert that required potatoes or a way to freeze or preserve potatoes.

Nathan Jr is a very good companion. He is a sleep on the window sill next to me right now.

Gruene Hall was a fun time last night. Enjoyed my friend Sandy being here and the bass player's girlfriend was in town. And, yes, the B, the 'Roid, was on hand. The extra eyes of Sandy saw weird signs (on B's part, not Mark's) that I had not seen. More confirmation that I'm not out of my mind. I'll be so glad when these next two weeks are over and maybe she'll find a job in north Williamson County. I'm so tired of her.

Up this morning for breakfast at Cisco's. Mark took Sandy to the airport and I went to work at the new job. It went well today.

Tonight went to a little art gallery opening in a lady's house. Neighbor K had jewelry on display.

Tonight I haven't the energy to do anything much. As soon as the sheets come out of the dryer I'm making the bed and reading until I can't keep my eyes open anymore.

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