2001-06-15 11:39 a.m.

Friday Frustration

Things have become very weird this week and I don't like the weirdness one bit. It is mostly related to the job situation. Honestly, I would rather not be offered a job until I've been unemployed about a month and have had time to want to work. But, on the other hand, I would like to have a commited relationship with a job so that I know there will be no need to find alternate insurance or worry about bills or what is next down the line. It's kind of like wanting to be free and single and just have fun with your friends, but you also want the safety and security of a special someone you know you can rely on. Sadly, you can't have that relationship with a company anymore.

This current job opportunity, where I'm working weekends, continues to get more and more bizarre. One day there will be a job offer and the next it is withdrawn. No money has ever been discussed yet they expect me to willingly begin doing the duties of the job. Communication seems to be nonexsistant in this communications business.


So I'll worry about other things instead. I went out to Ginnie's Tuesday night by myself and listend to the Justin Trevino band a bit. It was fun but no one there I knew and an old bug-eyed man asked me to dance and the other toothless old men and long-greasy-haired old men were licking their lips in anticipation of dancing with me so I moved on.

Wednesday night I went for a beer with some co-workers and gossiped. We're doing more gossiping and having more fun at work these days. The nice advantage of all being in the same sinking boat. I went by Speakeasy to see Mark's band play for a bit. The band was good but I was tired and bored so I came on home.

Last night Mark went out on his own for a night of social activity. He didn't invite me along. I didn't want to go along but I resented not being invited. He did not have fun. I was pleased.

Tonight his band plays at Gruene Hall for the first time. Mark has played there before but not the band. A friend from college is coming down on a flight from Amarillo so I will pick her up and we'll go have some fun, I hope. She's an odd friend but we can have fun for a short time. She'll fly back out tomorrow before I work.

We are also now the parents of a kitty. A neighbor brought over a kitty in need of a home this morning and Mark has been wanting one so he has one now. The kitty is named Lyndon. A grey tabby. He will be an outside cat as soon as he learns to stay here. Alex and Lucky, the dogs, don't know what to make of this new situation and Mike, the fish, is in a panic state. Lyndon is a sweet kitty and not wild at all despite living out in the street since who knows when.

Big list of things to do today. Mainly, fret over this stupid job thing. I did call another station and am getting something going there so that all my eggs are not in one basket.

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