Wednesday, Jun. 13, 2018 7:43 am

Insurance and Support and Confused Mama

Last entry was short and I didn't say I'd gone to the Lavender Festival with old roommate D Saturday. An hour over there for us each. We had a great time. Good lunch at the bowling alley. Stopped at my friend's distillery and sipped her whiskey and rye and gin (lavender gin -- tasted like room spray).

I'm up early again and meant to get going on lyric checking, but I haven't and now probably won't. The bosses are in town so I will go ahead and get there early.

Our software/server is completely crashed at work this week so there is little work that can be done that NEEDS to be done. I'll find plenty to do, but there will be a ton to get back to as soon as we are back in business, but it could still be days and days.

I've had sweet letters of support from C&A about the divorce. Lovely notes from each. Mark finally told his dad on the phone and his mother by email. I don't know how he told his brother, but he knows. Don't know if he's told our best man or not. I've gotten emails from his stepmother, who introduced us in the first place, and they've been kind of stilted and odd. One said "we weren't surprised." The other was sort of a stiff "we have a lovely home and, as your schedule allows, a visit would be welcome." His brother called me last night, but I didn't answer.

What is sad and weird is that my mother has forgotten that she knew we were a.) having trouble and b.) splitting. I told her in person over a year ago to prepare her for the worst. Over the year there has been more mentions of where we were headed. For the last few weeks I've even called and kept her informed so she wouldn't feel like I'm hiding anything from her. Last night she asked my sister, "Why didn't you tell me they were having problems?" She wrote me an email with the same thing saying my sister says that she knew, but she doesn't remember it.

I am being as bright and cheerful as I can around my husband. And I'm counting the days. He is grumpy and has been here very little. I was just going to bed when he came home from a rehearsal (and dinner?) about 11. He had a wreck this week so that is uppermost in his mind right now. ... getting it fixed. This is his third wreck in about a year. I hope if insurance goes up it is only on HIS half. I may have to change companies on my own insurance.

Heck, I may shop around for house insurance right now, too.

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